New Restaurant Brings Jamaican Flavors to Hobart, Indiana

New Restaurant Brings Jamaican Flavors to Indiana

The new Montego Bay Grille has officially opened its doors on Main Street in Hobart, Indiana, giving diners the opportunity to enjoy Jamaican & Caribbean favorites at a venue with a view of Lake George. The restaurant seats 37 inside, with room for another 15 customers on the patio. Founded by Chef Teddian Jackson, the Montego Bay Grille makes the most of his 20 years of experience in the tourism industry of Jamaica.

According to manager Ashley Garner, Jackson has worked on cruise ships, casinos and restaurants in

New Restaurant Brings Jamaican Flavors Indiana Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken at Montego Bay Grille in Indiana

50 countries and has taken his culinary inspiration from all those places, and his menu includes everything from lobster ravioli to cheeseburgers.

The signature recipes at the restaurant include jerk-spiced chicken, pork, salmon, and shrimp, along with jerk wings that can be ordered to-go if ordered ahead. The dishes come with sides of sautéed vegetables and “rice and peas,” a combination of rice and kidney beans. Garner says the jerk foods are the main focus, made with the freshest ingredients as Chef Jackson buys local produce and uses farmers’ markets as much as possible.

New Restaurant Brings Jamaican Flavors to Hobart Indiana

Patrons at Montego Bay Grille in Indiana

The Montego Bay Grilled has a full bar that offers sangria, craft beers, the Jamaican Red Stripe beer, and its signature Jamaican cocktail, the “Dark and Stormy,” which includes rum and ginger beer.

Garnet says the restaurant hopes to become more than just a dining place; it wants to offer a total atmosphere that reflects the islands. It features local artworks and Jamaican music playing in the background. Chef Jackson makes it appoint to come into the dining room and speak with his guests to make sure they feel at home.

Source: Northwest Indiana Times, Montego Bay Grille

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