Jamaicans in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Life in South Florida

According to the last United States census report in 2000, Jamaicans were the largest immigrant population in the county of Broward. Jamaicans have arrived here in droves in the 1990’s. This being one of the fastest growing counties in the US, Miami -Ft Lauderdale has become the fastest growing base for exiled Jamaicans. The Jamaican population alone is estimated at some 70,000 documented residents in Broward county alone.

That can have negative implications since most drugs seized at Miami- Ft Lauderdale airports are taken from Jamaicans, with Jamaicans heading the list of prisoners in some jails around town. Trevor Berbick Jamaica’s Former Boxing great is among a group of Jamaicans that have been arrested here for abuse and domestic violence. Jamaicans into criminal activity here are in the news just like they would be if it was back a yard dying just as often. Not withstanding that negative edge, Jamaicans here also excel at the highest levels, becoming City mayor, City counsel men and women, Deans of universities, Hospital Directors, Lawyers, Health specialists, Mechanics, Engineers, they own and operate Major car dealerships and Construction enterprises.

The Jamaican state is represented by Counsel General Ambassador Richard Alicock, Jamaica Information Service JIS, and the Jamaica Tourist Board.

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