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Tamarind Balls

March is usually tamarind season in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Even though “Tamarind Balls” are available year round the homemade version of the sweet & sour delight are especially popular during the season. “Tamarind Balls” are popular throughout the Caribbean and some versions include hot pepper making it spicy. The Jamaican version typically is non-spicy. Here is a simply “Tamarind Balls “recipe.


  • 2 lb of Tamarinds (shells removed)
  • 1 ½  cups brown sugar
  • ½ cup  white sugar (granulated)
  • 2 tablespoons red rum (optional – helps to preserve it)
  • 2 table spoons flour (optional – helps to bind the mixture)

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  1. Shell the tamarind pods and remove the strings from the pulp.
  2. Put the pulp in a bowl. 
  3. Optional  – Sprinkle the red rum evenly over the pulp.
  4.  Add the white and brown sugar (set aside a little brown sugar)
  5. Optional – Add the flour as it helps to bind every
  6. Knead with your hands until the tamarind mixture is like dough
  7. Break up the tamarind mixture into bite-size portions
  8. Shape them into balls
  9. Roll the tamarind balls in the sugar you set aside for more sweetness if desired.
  10. Store in a cool area or the refrigerator

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