Team Clarendon is #TeamExcellence

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) Clarendon Parish Office has out-shone the other 12 parish offices to take home the organization’s prestigious Team Excellence Award. The Team Excellence Award recognizes the JCDC Parish Office that has most enhanced the image of the JCDC by setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence in customer support.

“The Parish Team Excellence Award programme recognizes teams for exceptional contributions to the parish, and although we have numerous outstanding parish offices, this award honors the Best of the Best, a title which Team Clarendon has earned.” Said Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the JCDC, Stephen Davidson.

He continued, “The Team Excellence Award evaluates teams with regard to maturity, innovation and efforts made to provide a stellar customer experience, and how people, process, and technology together have improved service and overcome challenges presented to the organization.”

Davidson noted that the selection process included receiving recommendations from external clients, such as the one written by Eurica Douglas, General Manager of the National Association of Parish Development Committees (NAPDEC) in Clarendon.

“I have had the pleasure of working, closely with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC)-Clarendon, since 2012. The team at JCDC-Clarendon, led by Miss Tiffany Royal has proved to be a source of inspiration for all institutions as they have consistently been able to plan and implement successful events. I would say that Team Clarendon’s quality of work is excellent. They are dependable, and almost flawless in their approach to the job.” Douglas stated.

Tiffany Royal, Parish Manager, Clarendon Office who was ecstatic about receiving the award, called the win “humbling”.

“It’s an honour that persons outside of our office really admire what we are doing. Having won the award it has motivated us to continue excelling in all our endeavours and also striving to work towards displaying epic traits as is a part of our core values.” Royal said.

She further stated that she had an “open door” policy which motivates her team members to share their ideas and concerns and also finds other ways to incentivise her team members.

“My team works hard and so we try and celebrate every win and every milestone. We have a birthday club and we celebrate work anniversaries, graduations and other general successes. We also have an end of year staff gift exchange and try to go out as a group, outside of work on a Friday evening or on the weekend, especially after work events.” Royal Said.

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