Terri-Karelle Reid Is the First Jamaican-Based Woman to Speak at TED Talk UK

Terri-Karelle Reid Is the First Jamaican-Based Woman to Speak at TED Talk UK

Television host and motivational speaker Terri-Karelle Reid has become the first woman based in Jamaica to be a speaker at TEDx Aston University in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. She is one of several international speakers from outside the UK to participate in a TEDx talk, and along with Zachary Harding, is the first Jamaican-based speaker for the event.

Reid is best known for hosting “Digicel Rising Stars” and “Just Bet Before the Whistle.” In 2005, she won the title of Miss Jamaica, wearing her hair “unapologetically” throughout the competition in natural Afro curls, even after being advised to straighten her hair. Deciding to challenge the perception of Black women, she maintained her natural look during the international pageant in China as well and came away as one of the top 15 finalists. She won the People’s Choice vote for the Caribbean while always being her authentic self.

After earning a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Cuba in 2007 and facing accreditation challenges upon arriving back in Jamaica, which disallowed her from practicing veterinary medicine on the island. She pivoted and began her journey in marketing and management. Rei worked as a public relations executive with RiSARC Consulting in Los Angeles, California, and as general manager of the Spartan Health Club. She also served as the online brand manager of The Gleaner Company Ltd. And implemented innovative digital marketing strategies for the biggest and oldest newspaper in the English-speaking Caribbean.

She transitioned to the media industry and landed on television in 2012, ultimately hosting the most-watched live TV program in Jamaica, “Digicel Rising Stars.” Her success with this show led to other opportunities in television, international cultural and music events, and interviews of many of the most powerful personalities in the world.

As Reid has become one of the most popular media personalities in Jamaica, she has given back to her country by using her media reach to inspire, challenge, motivate, and advocate for positive change in individuals and the world at large. An inspiration to others, she uses her story to remind other people who are looking to fulfill their dreams in the face of obstacles that they can create new opportunities for themselves, learn new skills, and define their lives on their own terms.

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