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The title is lost, the landowner is dead, I am paying taxes so I need the Jamaican title

QUESTION: Dear Jamaica Legal Wiz
How do I apply for  the Land Title if the owner for the Jamaica property dies. I can’t locate the original title and all I have is the property tax receipt which I am now paying and a diagram from the Survey and Mapping Division. I would also like to know how long the procedure will take.
RESPONSE: Dear Lydia,
It seems your concern is really in acquiring the original title for the Jamaican land, bearing the original owner’s name. You can either apply for one yourself, or have someone apply on your behalf. You will need to submit details via a form to be filled in such as name of owner, full address, landmarks, neighbours, valuation/tax ID number. The diagram should not be older than seven (7) years. 
Be aware however that the fact that tax is being paid up does not necessarily mean that a title actually exists, and in that case you may have to consider meeting the necessary requirements to register for the same. All the best
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