Top Ten Jamaican Celebrity Quotes of the Week: "Who Said What?"

“Don’t come nasty up di Dancehall…” – Do you know which Jamaican Celebrity said that this week? See our top ten Jamaican celebrity quotes to find out!

“The new album is a collaborative project that blends all genres from hip hop to even EDM, but its foundation is reggae music, and this meeting of the minds between Sizzla, Capleton and myself is living proof that Jamaican music is a force to be reckoned with,” – Stephen Marley, speaking on his new album Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life is scheduled for release this summer on Ghetto Youths International label featuring other local and international artistes including Sizzla, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Wyclef Jean and brothers Kymani and Damion “Jr Gong” Marley (

“It’s not a gang or anything like that. It’s a music group which consists of young artistes, producers and musicians. Everyone knows that there is a lot of talent in the garrison and that’s the point we are bringing out with this new group,” – Singjay Black Ryno, talking about his new group Garrison stating that his leaving Empire (Vybz Kartel’s music label) has not affected him in anyway (

“Jamaica’s track future is in good hands..Congrats #JavonFrancis breaking class one 400m record #champs2014 #future #45sec” – Usain Bolt, congratulating Javon Francis (World Championship Silver Medalist in the 400m in Russia) for breaking the Champs 2014 400m record with a time of 45 seconds (Twitter: @UsainBolt)

“That’s where I’m from, where everything started. Jamaica is very important … get your stuff buzzing in Jamaica and the world will hear it. All my recent videos, I shoot them in Jamaica,” – Wayne Wonder, explaining why he continues to put Jamaica first and the fact that he is all about music not about hype so if you don’t see him he’s working, working, working… (

Let us not forget, some of us never made an impression at “Champs” but went on to do great things. Congrats to all the students representing their school this year” – Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, leaving words of encouragement to students participating in Champs 2014. Many students participate at this annual event in the hopes of being the next Usain Bolt or Shelly-Ann who started their athletics career with Champs as their launcher into greater things. Congrats to the winners Calabar High School for taking the Boy’s title and Edwin Allen the Girl’s (Facebook: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce)

“Get out first chance you get. Sometimes it (abuse) doesn’t happen in stages. It’s not always predictable, cut [leave] before it reaches that stage,”- Sanjay, television host/artiste speaking on the issue of domestic abuse in the music video Corners of my Mind with Tanya Stephens who believes in positivity and being a good role model in dancehall (–Sanjay-tackle-domestic-abuse_16370062)

“Support the young athletes they are the future Champions and World beaters #DoNotPressureThem motivate them” – Warren Weir, asking for support for young athletes who take part in athletic events such as Champs. A Calabar High Schoo Old Boy he knows the benefit of these events as he is a world class competitor now (Twitter: @warrenweir)

“I feel honoured to perform for these children, spreading love and positivity and just letting them smile and feel a sense of hope,” – Keznamdi, after performing at the University of California San Fransisco (UCSF) Benioff Children’s Hospital as part of the organization’s stress relief programme for patients and family. A huge honor Keznamdi joins British singer Chris Martin from the band Cold Play and Lady Antebellum who has performed at the Hospital in the past (

“You know, you have all these bredren (sic), they were saying, ‘Look, the Queen is supposed to pay us back. There were lots of them who were very serious about it too and they have a logical point to prove. But look, the Jews have always highlighted what has happened, their plight, what has happened to them, and also say, ‘Ok, you did that, you’re supposed to pay us something back.’ So why not other people, like my ancestors? I think it’s a fair deal,” – Jimmy Cliff on the longstanding issue of Reparation from the European countries who benefited from the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This should not be just an apology (which was given)  but monetary reimbursement. Do you think so? (

“Don’t come nasty up di Dancehall…” – Bounty Killa, airing his views on the ‘kinky’ lyrics and other songs being released by deejays especially the young and upcoming ones in dancehall today. Killla warns that this is not the way to make it in dancehall but through good music as getting a “hype” will not build a lasting career. Killa made this reference in light of recent callings to clean up the dirty lyrics from dancehall with songs from Alkaline and DJ Amsterdam which have really turned heads (