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US Medical Mission Reduces Surgical Waiting List at May Pen Hospital

With the help of US Medical Mission, the United Mission of Goodwill, the surgical waiting list at the May Pen Hospital has been greatly reduced with over 100 proceedures being done, 70 surgical and 30 endoscopy procedures.

Senior Medical Officer at the May Pen Hospital, Dr. Bradley Edwards said the New York based team which recently left the island consisted of 39 members including surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, dentists, ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and volounteers.

Dr. Edwards noted that in addition to the surgical procedures and a general clinic, the Mission was involved in the commissioning of a maternity ward operating theatre. The Mission donated an operating theatre bed, anesthetic and diathermy machines and other sundries for the operating theatre.

“It was a successful mission and the commissioning of this operating theatre was used by the Mission in their visit from April 27 to May 1. Before the hospital was utilizing two operating theatres now we have three” Dr. Edwards added.

The Senior Medical Officer noted that medical missions have been very valuable to the health system as they assist with the patient load in addition to providing procedures that the hospital may not have been able to provide.

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