WATCH: Shenseea’s Freestyle Honors Veterans in Dancehall Music

Jamaican dancehall artiste Shenseea in this video prepared for a freestyle session and delivered an unforgettable performance. With her electrifying energy and lyrical prowess, she paid homage to the veterans of dancehall music while also delivering a powerful message about respect for women.

Born on October 1, 1996, in St. Mary, Jamaica, she gained prominence in the music scene with her unique blend of dancehall, reggae, and pop influences. Shenseea’s rise to fame began in 2016 when she released her debut single “Jiggle Jiggle,” which quickly became a hit in Jamaica and garnered international attention.

Sheensea uses lyrical prowess to celebrate musical influences

During her dancehall freestyle, Shenseea weaved in the names of legendary figures in Jamaican music, including Buju Banton, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man. Each mention served as a nod to their valuable contributions to the genre and highlighting their influence on her own artistic journey.

Amidst the rapid-fire rhymes, she took a moment to address a pressing issue within the music industry and society at large: the disrespect that some men show towards women, especially behind their backs. With unwavering conviction, Shenseea called out this behavior, urging listeners to recognize the importance of treating women with dignity and respect.

Dancehall music continues to be a powerful force

As the freestyle came to an end, Shenseea left an indelible mark on her audience, not only with her impressive lyrical skills but also with her unwavering stance on important social issues. Through her tribute to dancehall legends and her advocacy for respect for women, she proved that true artistry goes beyond the stage—it has the power to uplift, educate, and unite us all.

Photo – Reggae Dancehall