5 Free Things That Will Get Jamaicans Out

Written by Denise Clarke

Jamaicans won’t readily admit it but we love ‘freenis’ – that is anything we can get or enjoy for free without having to pay anything for it. When you want Jamaicans to show up or take part in an event, there are certain things that will get people out. Here are some examples of 5 Free Things That Will Get Jamaicans Out :

1. Friend moving to away


So your friend is moving away and you know he/she owns some really great stuff. Of course the plane won’t hold all that so being the good friend that you are, you’re there to help pack, clean up, and take those pesky leftovers off their hands. You have just saved them the trouble of having to figure out what to do with their belongings and earned some great free stuff in return. (click next at the top of the page)

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