Culture 2006 "Boardite" Awards

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The votes are in!!! Below are the 2006 boardites Awards winners

Best Signature 2006: Iluvportland
Best “boardite”Name 2006: Aynat Sylvertush
Most “Unoriginal boardite” Name 2006: Tie: Boopie, Original Roxie & Sweetssop
Funniest boardite Member 2006:: Sue Sumba
Best boadite Debator 2006: Blugiant
“Nuffest” boadite 2006: Serenity82
Best Newbie 2006: Justblue
Best Topic Starter 2006: Evanovich
Best Moderator 2006: Sweetsop
Marcia Davidson Good Boardite Citzen Award/ Boardite Member of the Year 2006: Compry & Cool Beans

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