​ Jamaican Bobsled Star Shares Story with High School Students in U.S.

Devon Harris, member of the first Jamaican bobsled team and a three-time Olympian, shared his inspiration story with high school students in Hartford and Middletown, Connecticut, telling them that it is hard work that will make their dreams come true. Harris talked about his childhood in Kingston when he dreamed of living in the mansions he could see from his family’s home. The story of Jamaica’s Olympic bobsled team is well known through the film “Cool Runnings,” and Harris was part of the first team in 1988 as well as the teams of 1992 and 1998. He said that he trained very hard to excel in his sport, and practiced until he was exhausted, but Harris also emphasized that he put effort toward his studies. He told the students that their most important job was to learn, regardless of what athletic goals they may have. According to Harris, when the body can no longer perform at peak athletic levels, “the brain must be able to last.” He told the students they should apply the same discipline they have when practicing their sport to their studies.

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Stephanie Korney