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Tourism is ok….I love to visit JA….but most Tourists find the places they stop, “dirty and scarey” due to the hustlers on the street that scream at them. That doesn’t bother me…but most folks from Europe and the USA are afraid to leave their “all inclusive hotels” or cruise ships because of the reputation that the JA peole are hustlers and way too loud in the face of the visitor.

I’m comming to “the strip” in Mo-Bay on Gloucester Ave……..I know what to expect……dealers screaming at me…



The heart of the JA people is your greatest resource. “Out of many- One” is not a catch phrase. It is the truth. Get together. Develop the groudwork by training the youth to be engineers of life (electrical, water and sewer,city planners,, political involment, writters and journalists, nurses and doctors. social studies…)
Just a wish and my love for my favorite place to visit. Love Ya! Kimmy
Part 1 of the above series was very good. As a Jamaican living in Canada I look
forward to visit downtown Kingston every year.

I remember the days when we would leave work during lunch just to walk along
Princess Street, Heywood Street and it’s environs to purchase fabric to make
that outfit for work on Fridays and to pruchase fresh produce from the vendors.

What can be done to return downtown to it’s glory days? I think the work that
the security force has started should continue and the government should remove
the vendors to the markets that were built for them.

Oh how I wish that Jamaicans would realize the wealth of resources we have and
start taking care of it.




Congratulations, well said. I am a Jamaican living in Canada and had hoped
to return at some point in my life,
I built a home on the coast in St Mary anticipating my return. I have been
having second thoughts for a while and today I’m at the point of where selling is my number one option.

I believe Jamaica the land we love is at the brink of disaster since nothing
has been and will be done about as you put it “city in distress. I don’t believe the leaders does enough and the people has no love and appreciation of one another.
In the older days (and I have 18 years to retirement) people
were poor as they are today, but they didn’t kill because someone stepped on the other’s toe.

Maxwell Shepherd,
in Ontario Canada.


As a Jamaican who has lived my first forty years of life in Jamaica having been away in Canada for fifteen years, travelling to many other countries. I thought I would return and enjoy the sunshine and play a part in contributing to my country economically and culturally.
However, my endeavor was cut short by my being gunned down, and having to return to Canada a Quadriplegia. Thank God I am alive, while there for the year and ten months, I once made the comment on J.B.C. T.V’ that dollars and cents alone would not help to transform the problems among the youth, but there needs to be more one on one relationship between the betters in the society and the less fortunate, by way of mentoring. I still hold that view.

Barry Coke writes from Canada.



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