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Editorial On TV in Jamaica

The following is a piece I would like to bring to the attention of TVJ Jamaica.

Just writing to let my preferred television station know that advertisements, though they create revenue, have always been a major turn-off to the viewing public in Jamaica. Extending your Prime-Time News Hour by 15 minutes or rather 30, (since the hour never seems to end at 8:15) is a major frustrating factor slowly but surely contributing to an Islandwide switch to your main competitor, CVM TV. Trust me, people are switching. In fact, what you have created is the perfect opportunity for soap opera lovers to be able to watch the famous “The Young & the Restless” on CVM TV at 7:00, then “News Watch” again on CVM TV, at 8:00, the standard of which, I can assure you, is much preferred to Prime Time News and then “The Bold & the Beautiful” on TVJ at 8:30. This is what many people are doing and I am sure CVM TV could not have asked for a better move.

Correct me if I am wrong. After all, I am only assuming that your extension of the Prime Time Hour is to give businesses an opportunity to advertise to the public their deals for the Christmas season. I see no other reason behind the longer hour. Be mindful however, of your many loyal viewers who have been able to make you claim the number one position in the Television Broacasting Industry to date. I ask you again: Is the longer hour really necessary?

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