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Crunch time Online in Jamaica

It is crunch time for online marketers. This country is a hell of a place to be in if you are an online marketer. Even having access to the Internet is beyond most of us.

Living in a “Third World” country is very challenging for an online marketer. Survival is the order of the day for a lot of us. There are some who actually rise above the whirl of surviving and are thriving though.

Out here in the “Third World”, we do not enjoy most of the amenities as that of the developed world. Owning a computer here is a privilege; making a career with it is anybody’s right though. Becoming successful online is like taking a hike up Mt. Everest with all the strings attached.

So what does a guy do? Give up? Imagine all that hard work going down the drain? Or fight on? The load may be heavy at times. Time normally eases the pressure, but only if you stick to your business at hand.

There are some of us who have our names and businesses out there. Slowly but surely we are turning a profit. Whether it is money earned or in terms of experience gained. Success cannot be measured only by the money you make, but rather by the strides you have made.

Even getting those around us to believe in what we are doing is a task. Online marketing is a fairly new industry. People view anything that’s new or unusual with distrust and uncertainty. Time will eventually change most people’s perceptions.

So when you have come to the end of your rope what do you do? Tying a knot at the end of it and holding on would be my best suggestion. We never know how near success is until we give up. Then it will be too late.

The key thing is to keep plugging away until the picture changes. As long as you stay in the race, you are guaranteed a finishing place.

It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are. Being focus and believing in your goals will pay off. It’s a universal law.

To your success and mine……. Nicholas

©2003 Nicholas Dixon

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