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About the Book: In a quaint, English-looking rural town on Jamaica’s Southern coast Rose Thorn struggles with her conniving, controlling, abusive husband, Donovan, to claim her right to realize the deferred educational dreams and stunted career ambitions she was forced to put on hold, when Rose had gotten pregnant and had to drop out of school during her final high school year. As the infidelity grew blatant and the spousal abuse soared to horrific heights Rose made “Jamerican” connections to save her and her daughter’s lives.

Laverne Fine, Rose’s best friend, is confused about her lover’s nationality. Laverne doesn’t care whether Paul was born in Timbuktu, Mars, America or Jupiter…but why lie about his heritage? Laverne doesn’t have a US visa, but she has one vital clue: Paul’s Brooklyn-based mother has a lead-heavy hand in guarding their family secrets.

Wendy Arnold, Rose’s Brooklyn-based aunt-in-law, crumples under the escalating obstacles of her long-distance relationship with her Jamaica-based high school sweetheart, Miles. In the express lane to middle-age both want to marry each other and immediately start a family; but there is one gigantic hurdle: Both Miles and Wendy had become very successful in their careers, and neither of these two lovers is willing to uproot.

The lives of these three Jamaican women, each with her own unique connection to America, are woven into an engrossing tangled web of lies, suspense, infidelity, deceit, spousal abuse, immigration horrors and betrayal…


Author:Sandra A. Ottey

About the Author:Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Sandra A. Ottey has resided in New York since the early 1980’s.

She earned a B.S. degree in Business from Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York, and a MS degree in Management from Polytechnic University.

Sandra is a member of the National Association for Female Executives(NAFE); The International Women Writer’s Guild (IWWG); The Good Book Club (GBC); RAWSISTAZ Book Club; and Authors Helping Authors (AHA) Book Club.

Jamerican Connection is Miss Ottey’s debut novel. She wrote this three-plot story as an inspiration to high school and college dropouts to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and go on to achieve their deferred educational goals and stunted career ambitions, despite life’s many obstacles; because dropping out of school is a “mistake,” but definitely not a “dead-end.”

Besides reading and writing her hobbies are traveling, listening to all types of music, but most importantly, spending time with her daughter,Sara, who presently lives in London.

Miss Ottey currently lives in New York where she has a full-time job and is working on her second novel.


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