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I have returned once a year

I first went to Jamaica four years ago. I have returned once a year since. I started out going with, and now I take , American work teams from Virginia to work at Carribean Christian Centre for the Deaf. I am in love!! I love working on building the school. I love going to the local churches and experiencing another cultures service (we all serve the same God anyway!). I love walking the streets, talking to thepeople, and going to the straw markets and Dunns River Falls. And, of course I love the time with those special childresn at the school. Jamaica is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I am honored to bea small part of the country by the work I do there.

I also have a special bond to the country because my parents moved toJamaica on December 28,1999, to live and be missionaries at CCCD. They also have a great love for the country and its children. They are doingvery well. I look forward to seeing them again on February 19, when Ireturn to Jamaica with my present workteam.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I do not know if this is what you are looking for on your site, but this is what Jamaica means to me.

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