10 Best Places to Snorkel in Jamaica

10 Best Places to Snorkel in Jamaica

For those that enjoy exploring an aquatic environment, Jamaica provides numerous snorkeling opportunities. Depending on the chosen location, visitors can view sea life encompassing rays, starfish, octopi, sea urchins, barracuda, and a wealth of colorful, warm water fish species that inhabit the Caribbean.

Before setting out on a snorkeling adventure, there are some things to remember. Don’t touch the coral as it can be highly detrimental to the living reefs. Remove watches and jewelry. Some fish species are attracted to bright, shiny objects. Refrain from feeding the fish – it can lead to aggressive behavior.

Luminous Lagoon
Home to bioluminescent organisms, they emit a blue glow when touched. Visitors won’t find fish species here, but the aquatic light show is a unique experience. The lagoon is one of a very few such locations in the world.

Oyster Bay, Port Antonio
The water is calm with little current and great visibility. Ideal for novices, it features eight miles of interconnected reefs. It’s home to species that include angelfish, parrotfish and others.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril
Reefs and marine life highlight the calm and fairly shallow waters. The area features great visibility, making it an ideal location to experience the underwater world.

Bloody Bay, Negril
The bay’s reefs are closer to shore than others. They’re easy to navigate for those that are relatively inexperienced.

Ocho Rios
Visitors can simply snorkel from the shore when staying at one of the local beach resorts. There are many snorkeling cruises that can be booked to go into deeper waters and it’s also possible to enjoy snorkeling near the port city when traveling by cruise ship.

Montego Bay Marine Park, Montego Bay
This is an especially good location for those new to snorkeling and families with young children, offering a wealth of opportunities. There are also offshore reefs for more experienced snorkelers.

Bluefields Bay, Near Negril
An array of snorkeling opportunities is available and complementary snorkeling gear is provided at Bluefields Bay Villas.

Port Royal, Kingston
This is a great snorkeling site for those interested in history and shipwrecks. There’s plentiful marine life, multiple shipwrecks, and the waters are appropriate for beginner to experienced snorkelers.

Booby Cay, Negril
The small island can be reached via snorkeling cruises and is home to booby birds. The waters surrounding the island shelter a diverse array of marine life.

Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay
The area is well worth the small entry fee. The waters are full of sea life and the beach amenities include restrooms, bar and restaurant. The waters are calm, making them ideal for novice snorkelers.

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