10 Things Only People With Jamaican Parents Would Understand

Growing up with Jamaican parents is interesting, to say the least. With their many rules and habits, there’s never a dull day. Though we love to make fun of them, our childhoods would’ve been way less interesting without their quirks. Here are 10 things only people with Jamaican parents would understand.

1 – Nothing ever starts on time
Jamaican Parents holding on to your money

Jamaican time means adding at least an hour to the start time before leaving your house. Showing up at the agreed on time means you’ve come to help set up.

2 – Halloween is forbidden

While other kids dress up, you spent Halloween inside like any other day. Even suggesting to your Jamaican parents that you want to celebrate the popular American holiday means signing up for a 30-minute lecture on the duppy holiday.

3 – Packing barrels constantly

Shipping a Barrel to Jamaica

Trying to fit all of “foreign” in a 30-gallon tube should be an extreme sport. All the clothes you haven’t worn this month suddenly go missing as they’re packed in a barrel and shipped to Jamaica for your younger cousin to enjoy.

4 – The existence of “outside clothes”

Don’t even try to wear your outside clothes inside the house or worse – on your bed. The mythical outside germs must not touch the inside of the house.

5 – Jamaican Parents “holding on to” your money

Jamaican Parents holding on to your money

Yeah, you’re never seeing that $50 grandma put in your birthday card 10 years ago  again. Once your mom “holds onto it” its hers

6 – Chores are a big deal

Saturday mornings are for one thing- and that’s blasting Jamaican music and making sure the house is spotless.

7 – Tea solves everything

Jamaican Parents holding on to your money - Jamaican thing tea cures everything

Headache – tea, tummy ache- tea, broken leg- somehow the answer is still always tea

8 – Plastic bags are gold

The neverending pile of plastic grocery store bags just keeps growing. Throwing them away is just out of the question. 

9 – Locking your door is illegal 

Jamaican Parents - Locking your door is illegal 

You must be paying rent before you even think of locking the door in your Jamaican parent’s house. Door locking privileges are only for those whose name is on the deed for the house.

10 – Nothing is private 

One thing is Jamaicans love to gossip. You tell your mom you’ve got a cold and 5 minutes later your great uncle in Jamaica is calling you convincing you to try his ginger tea recipe.

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