11 Things Jamaican Teachers Say

11 Things Jamaican Teachers Say

All Jamaican teachers have a list of go-to phrases that they use frequently in the classroom. If you attended school in Jamaica you are sure to have heard a few of these. Teachers use them for every type of situation in the classroom, from students being unruly to not doing their school work to not paying attention. Reading these will certainly bring a smile to your face. If we missed any phrases that you have heard Jamaican teachers frequently use please add them as a comment at the end.

Is de worse set ah pickney dem yah mi evah teach
Translation: A bad class. They could be unruly or not smart or both.

Stick bruck innah unnuh ears
Translation: You are not listening

Ah what kinda crab toe writing dis
Translation: You handwriting is illegible.

All who cyaan hear mus feel
Translation: You are going to get a whipping

Stay deh gi laugh fi peas soup
Translation: You may think it is funny now but wait till you realize you are wasting your own time.

Is dis cornation market or ah classroom?
Translation: The classroom is so noisy like a food a market.

I hope yuh know yuh book like how unnuh know dat song
Translation: You seem to know all the popular songs but not your school work.

Please come up here and tell the class what’s so funny
Translation: Since you are being disruptive please come and teach the class.

Put dis inna de back ah yuh brain
Translation: It is important that you learn this.

Guh Siddung. Unnuh complain too much.
Translation: Stop complaining and do your school work

Guh Stand up in dat corner yuh chat to much
Translation: Go in timeout you are disturbing the class.

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