25 Instagram-Worthy Places In Jamaica To Visit

Are your social media accounts looking a little dull? On your next trip to Jamaica, freshen them up with these 25 Instagram-worthy places to visit in Jamaica.

1. Strawberry Hill

2. Spanish Bridge

3. Reggae Falls

Photo via dvncisrevenge/Instagram

4. Blue Lagoon

5. Rio Grande

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6. Rockhouse Hotel

7. Bamboo Avenue

8. Lovers Leap

9. Somerset Falls

10. Trident Castle

11. Frenchman’s Cove

12. Blue Hole, Negril

13. Pelican Bar

14. Rick’s Cafe

15. Rose Hall Great House

16. Dunn’s River Falls

17. Martha Brae River

18. Kingston Creative

Photo via ziabenjamin & coreymus/Instagram

19. Blue Mountains

20. Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

21. Reach Falls

22. Devon House

23. Goldeneye Resort

24. Seven Mile Beach

25. Mystic Mountain

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25 Instagram-Worthy Places In Jamaica To Visit

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