25 of the Funniest Way Jamaican Ask Minibus Drivers to Stop

25 of the Funniest Way Jamaican Ask Minibus Drivers to Stop

Jamaicans are known to be witty and often have a way with words. They use terms or phrases, street codes to communicate with different persons in different ways on different things.

If you have ever travelled on a Jamaican minibus, you might have heard people (mostly men) request a stop in every other way except to ask for “a stop” directly. We took to social media and asked some of our followers to tell us the funniest ways they have heard a Jamaican ask a minibus driver for a stop.

  1. Round di corner driva
  2. Me dis driver…. me a tek it yassa
  3. Put me down yasso drive
  4. Ducta!! Memba my stop deh!
  5. Dash mi weh yah suh deh mi general!
  6. Chicken back stop
  7. Leggo! leggo driver…..
  8. Bus mi!….
  9. Yah so driver!
  10. One and leggo driver
  11. Lego one yaso driver
  12. Drop mi aff a mango tree deh driva
  13. Wan stap driva
  14. Over di light pon di corner
  15. Bridge stop driver
  16. The blue building a me
  17. Left mi a Mass John shop
  18. Yow gi me a stop round the next corner
  19. School gate stop driver
  20. Leggo one
  21. One stop ductor
  22. Hall and pull up driva
  23. Left me a di gas station
  24. Let me off yah so
  25. Dash weh one

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