45 things a girl thinks when a guy does not text her back!

45 Things a girl thinks when a guy does not answer her texts:

  1. Omg he hates me. He hates me.
  2. No he doesn’t hate me. His phone probably died.
  3. Omg that douche he’s ignoring me.
  4. He’s definitely ignoring me. flipping idiot
  5. No he probably lost his phone
  6. He didn’t lose his flipping phone he’s a douche bag
  7. Did I text him too much?
  8. He met another girl. idiot
  9. I’m being ridiculous he is probably just busy
  10. Omg, he died! Omg he’s dead
  11. Omg I have to go to the funeral and tell his mother I loved him.
  12. Wait, what if he has a girlfriend and she’s at the funeral
  13. Stop it! He’s not dead!
  14. He thinks I’m annoying. Omg why did I talk so much.
  15. Flipping jerk. He should love for my annoyingness. Forget him.
  16. Why hasn’t he texted me!?
  17. I really thought he was the one.
  18. Shut up you don’t know if he was the one you just met him.
  19. Omg he was so the one and now hes with another girl and she’s living my fantasy.
  20. I’m turning off my phone. That’s it. Im turning it off and hiding it. *Throws phone across the bed.*
  21. Let me turn it back on that’s stupid.
  22. Why hasn’t he texted me!
  23. He never wants to talk to me again. I know it. He hates me.
  24. Why doesn’t he just tell me he hates me! Douche bag!
  25. I really miss him. Hes such a good kisser. When he kissed me goodbye the other night, I saw stars!
  26. Flipping idiot. How dare you not text me back.
  27. Should I send another text?
  28. Should I call him?
  29. No don’t call him you’ll seem like a stalker.
  30. Omg he thinks I’m a stalker!
  31. I’m deleting his number. Yup you’re deleted. *screen shots number before deleting it*
  32. No I shouldn’t delete his number, what if he just lost his phone. *Adds number back to contacts.*
  33. Why hasn’t he texted me!
  34. I want ice cream. I want a tub of ice cream. Life sux. All men suck.
  35. Forget him. I’m gonna text my ex.
  36. Omg I’m being ridiculous he probably just is busy or something.
  37. Busy sleeping some slut
  38. Why do I always think the worst!
  39. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
  40. Why hasn’t he texted me??
  41. Really, why hasn’t he texted me.
  42. I’m so hurt. What a douche bag!
  43. How could anyone do this to a nice girl. I’m a nice girl.
  44. I need to relax. He probably lost his phone.
  45. Omg he just texted me, I love him!