5 Things Jamaicans Hate

Jamaicans like many others cultures have things they hate. They say the British hate hearing butchered American English. They say American hate waiting on the phone for Customer Service. Here are our picks for the top 5 things Jamaicans hate. Is there anything missing from this list? We want to hear from you!


1. Croaking Lizards (Gecko) – “Mi hear a loud croaken lizaad pon yuh verandah, suh me tun back”
In most countries gecko lizards are viewed as harmless creatures that do not attack and in some cases kept as pets. The gecko known as the “croaking lizard” (they make croaking sounds) in Jamaica is the most feared lizard. They are viewed like the most dangerous dinosaur. Jamaicans believe these lizards will stick to your skin leaving a pattern once they are pulled off. It is not just Jamaican women who fear croaking lizards but Jamaican men will find excuses to leave a room with one. If you would like to evacuate a room of Jamaicans quickly, scream “croaking lizard”.

2. Utility Bills –  “JPS too tief, mi nuh use so much currant”
Jamaicans hate utility bills especially for water and light (electricity). Saving water and electricity is an art practiced by many Jamaicans daily. This conservation effort always seems to get deflated when the water and light bill comes each month.


3. Joining Lines & Line Cutters – “Beg yuh a bli nuh, mi cyan stan up lang caw mi hab gas inna mi foot”
Jamaicans are notorious for finding ways to get to the front of long lines. Sliding in beside a friend, asking someone if they can cut in front or rushing the gate. We will brag about cutting lines while others waited hours. Ironically cutting lines is one of the things we Jamaicans hate. It is an offense that can start an angry mob.

4. Going to work or school on a rainy day –  “Mi wi cum, wen de rain ease up”
Rain is like “kryptonite” to Jamaicans. The world stops when it is raining. People call in sick to work. Parents don’t send their children to school. Watching people dodging rain drops in Jamaica is like watching Neo in the movie the Matrix dodging bullets. Everything comes to a halt at the sight of rain.


5.Small gravy portions –  “Nuh gi mi nuh dry so so food, put more gravy pon it”
“Put Nuff Gravy” is the anthem of many Jamaicans when they go to restaurants and street food vendors. Not having enough gravy on food is an insult to a Jamaican. This is an offense that can get your food establishment “blacklisted” as word spread that you are “stingy with the gravy”.

Is there something Jamaicans Hate missing from this list? We want to hear from you! Tell us by leaving a comment below.