5 Things that Tick Jamaicans off

To say Jamaicans are a passionate people is certainly an understatement. Whether it’s a good or a bad thing, we have a reputation for being ‘hot heads’, ready to defend any violation of the things we consider sacred. Take note of these five things that can tick a Jamaican off.

  1. Disrespecting their mother – Talking about someone’s mother is serious business and it is the easiest way to tick them off. Jamaicans are taught to show love and respect to their parents, especially mothers, so an offensive remark about one’s mother will not be tolerated especially if used during an argument.
  2. Paying for anything they think should be free – This goes for road tolls, beaches, even the cable, and electricity if they allow it. Jamaicans reason that since the income tax is so high, and they pay a sales tax on 98% of everything purchased then these are some of the things that they should be able to enjoy for free.
  3. Bad driving – Even the worst driver will curse the hell out of another driver who ‘disses’ them on the road. But you could also incur wrath if you actually drive the speed limit or refuse to give an unruly driver a ‘bly’ – Jamaican for ‘give me a break.’
  4. Any utility or gas increase – The price of gas affects the price of everything else so if that increases, it makes their blood boil as the ripple of price increases take effect. They are not too happy about utility increases either, whether it’s electricity, water, or the mobile phone rates as this will call for some adjustments in their way of life and an aversion to change is whole other topic.
  5. Finding out that your significant other is cheating from a friend or relative – Sometimes you already know about the infidelity and have decided to ignore it. But the ball game changes when a friend or a relative knows what is really going on in your love life. Now to ‘take shame out of your eye’ you will have to do something about it, because you know they are watching to see if you can walk the talk or just have ‘a bagga mout’.

Jamaicans are known for their friendliness but don’t let it fool you. In the blink of an eye you can tick them off if you don’t mind your P’s and Q’s. Take heed.

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Denise Clarke