5 Things We Loved and Hated About Our Neighbors in Jamaica

If you have lived outside of Jamaica, you may have realized the difference in having neighbors there versus back home. There is always a story about a neighbor, some we like, some we don’t. Here are 5 things we loved and hated about our neighbors in Jamaica.

1. Security

You do not need a security system. You could let your neighbours know when you were not going to be home and they would without doubt “keep an eye” on your home and will alert you if something happens while you are away. On the other hand, some neighbours pry more than they need to (in this case they are termed “nosey”) which can prove to be too overbearing for some people.

2. Kindness

If they were kind neighbours, they would be willing to share fruits from trees near property lines. Some neighbours would also share cooked meals with others, maybe not always directly beside them but nearby or in the same neighbourhood.

Things We Loved and Hated About Our Neighbors in Jamaica 2

3. Friendships

You could always form friendships with your neighbours especially if you grew up as kids playing or attending the same schools together. Some neighbours however could be hard to get along with and instead of being friendly, there is just constant bickering and arguments.

4. Caring

Some neighbours are really caring. They would visit, bring food and medicine and even pray over another sick neighbour. Not all neighbours were caring and loving. Some could be a nuisance, blasting loud music or they can be loud and nasty.

5. Non Courteous

Some neighbours are not as courteous to pets as their other neighbours might be and if they see your pets as an issue or inconvenience to them, they may attempt to “get rid of the pet”. For example, they may poison your dogs if they constantly overturn their garbage or ransack their yard.