6 Things Jamaican Women (And Men) Who Bleach Don’t Know They Are Losing

Skin bleaching is often glorified in dancehall culture, however most Jamaicans do not support the practice. In fact, there is a gradual shift to accepting and celebrating all the beautiful shades of melanin that exist in our ‘one people’ population.

Still there are those who chose to bleach their skin for a variety of reasons which are mostly tied to low self-esteem. Here are 6 things “bleachers” are losing out on.

1. Wrinkle-free skin

Some persons who bleach will quickly proclaim that they are “toning” their skin to look more beautiful. Even if this isn’t meant to convey that darker skin is ugly, it sure sounds that way. Dermatologists point out that bleaching destroys the cells of the epidermis and actually encourages the skin to wrinkle faster. Conclusion? The short term results of skin bleaching are not worth the long term damage.

2. Protection from harmful UV rays

The melanin that gives our skin its dark shade is also what protects it from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Our natural tan makes us less susceptible to skin cancer and other diseases associated with prolong exposure to direct sunlight.

3. Even skin tone

Celebrities who bleach their skin often look flawless but what you don’t know is that many spend hours covering their bodies with makeup to look good for the camera. Some bleaching products contain harmful chemicals that can actually damage the skin leaving dark spots and blemishes. With bleaching, you risk trading your naturally beautiful skin for uneven and blotchy complexion.

4. Stepping out in confidence

Having damaged skin as a result of the unfortunate decision to bleach can lead to lack of confidence. No one wants to walk around with dark spots, blemishes and uneven skin, especially when you had great skin before you started bleaching.

5. Natural body odour

An unpleasant body odour is unfortunately one of the side effects to skin bleaching that some persons experience. When sweat mixes with the chemicals in the bleaching creams, it sometimes disrupts natural perspiration causing a rise in body odour.

6. Healthy skin

Overall, skin bleaching is just not healthy for the skin. Dermatologists continue to warn of its harmful effects, and propensity to increase your chances of developing skin diseases such as cancer. Not to mention the fact that damage to the skin from bleaching can negatively impact the user’s psychological state.