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7 Day Itinerary for Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the capital of St James and is the second largest city in Jamaica.  It has a population of 96,000.  It is a vibrant city, a tourist destination, duty free shopping, cruise ship terminal and several beaches and hotels. 

Day 1
Come and enjoy Montego Bay’s most famous beach that attracts scores of tourists over the years.  The beach earned its name when English chiropractor Sir Herbert Baker claimed the waters here had healing properties.  There are lots of facilities along the beach to make guests feel more comfortable – food court,  grill bar, internet cafe and water sports.  Amenities such as beach chairs, towels, snorkeling gear are available for rent.  
Relax on the white sand, gaze in the blue sky and sip a glass of homemade tropical fruit punch made from local fruits.
Doctor’s Cave beach is also known for its beach parties.

Day 2
Dine in style at the Houseboat Grill in Bogue Montego Bay.  This is a converted houseboat that offers the best in fine dining.   The menu offers Caribbean fusion cuisine: tiger shrimp in hot curry sauce, beef medallion with goat’s cheese
complemented with homemade ice cream.  Guests have the option of dining on the deck under the stars.

Day 3
Take a visit to Montego Bay’s marine park -  Jamaica’s first national park – environmental regulations have been enforced to protect the area’s coral reef, rich flora and fauna and shoreline mangroves.  Visitors have the option of hiring a canoe or arrange with a tour guide to spot herons, egrets, pelicans and waterfowls.  Below the surface are harpoons, barracudas, crabs and lobsters.

Day 4
Are you a bird lover or nature lover!  Take the opportunity and visit Rocklands Bird Sanctuary which is home to Jamaica’s exquisite species of birds.  Become a bird feeder for a couple hours and experience the birds feeding from the palm of your hand!  This bird sanctuary is located in a quaint little house  which is home to a local Jamaican.   The environment is relaxing and peaceful.  Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Day 5
Want some adventure – come and experience a candle lit tour of this famous Great House.  You will get the opportunity to explore this beautiful house which was owned by Annie Palmer.  You will hear captivating and chilling stories of love, murder and mystery told by tour guides.  It’s almost a certainty that you will feel goose bumps as you listen to these eerie tales.  Some persons have even reported that they have seen the ghost of Annie in the house.  
The dungeon of this famous Great House has now been transformed into a tavern called Annie’s Pub.   You can banish your fears away with a drink of the rum cocktail called Witches Brew.  

Day 6
Take a leisurely stroll along the hip strip of Montego Bay – there are several bars, restaurants and a fun place called Margaritaville.   Stop by, indulge yourself in the menu of Jimmy’s Buffet, experience the waterslide – it’s a great place on the water front where good food, drinks flow and the fun never stops.  It becomes a night club at nights and is the number one spot for parties.  

Day 7
This is a must go – visit the Aquasol Theme Park that is filled with lots of activities – a go-kart track with 10 Honda bumper carts and water sports such as kayaking, parasailing, banana boating and glass bottom boating, trampolines, wave runners, beach volleyball, two professional tennis courts, pool tables, slot machines and many other games.   Try the exotic drinks served at The Voyage Sports Bar and Restaurant which serves excellent food.   


About the Author
Sharon Reynolds, a writer based in Kingston, Jamaica.

About the author