7 Jamaican ways to end phone calls

From the laid-back and heartfelt to blatant escape attempts, Jamaicans have a special knack for wrapping up calls in interesting ways. We aren’t always looking to end our conversations abruptly or to be considered rude but, if there is nothing left to say, there is nothing left to say. In a spirited conversation thread on Twitter, some Jamaicans recently shared the quirky ways they ended telephone conversations.  Here are some of the responses.

Dem time de y’hear – Another time okay

Inna di marrows – I will talk to you tomorrow

Me ago [action that could absolutely be done while on the call] and link yuh backI am going to do something and call you back

Don’t hold your breath because you may never  get that call back

 Anyways bless/big up yuself –  Anyways have a great day

Hear wah ma dealid sumn yah now, suh ma link yuh later – Listen, I am currently doing something. I will reconnect with you later. 

Once again, don’t expect a call back. 

Inna e lates – I will talk to you later in the day

No seh nothing…..’-Don’t say anything’

Bonus: For some Jamaicans, activating the airplane mode feature on the device works like magic, if you know, you know. However, if the caller happens to be your Jamaican mother, it’s best to exercise patience and wait until she chooses to end the call, unless you’re prepared to confront significant consequences

If you’re not Jamaican, you’ve probably run into some of these smart tricks before. And you might be thinking about trying them to finally wrap up those super long and confusing phone calls. A word of caution: practice discretion when selecting which tips to utilize, taking into account the context of the call.

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