7 Reasons Jamaican Are The Most Chill People In The World

Jamaicans may be considered probably the most chill group of persons in the world. If you have ever interacted with them, you know the people from the small Caribbean island are a jovial and easy-going bunch.

Here are 7 reasons why Jamaicans are considered the most “chill” people in the world. 

1. Jamaicans Choose Their Battles Carefully
Jamaicans are sometimes labeled as being very aggressive by others. Yes, we can get very upset and are sensitive to some topics especially about our country and culture however, it doesn’t happen easily and may take some amount of work to get them upset. We are some of the most caring and loving people on earth. Not to be mistaken though, Jamaicans are no pushovers, but rather choose our battles carefully.

2. Jamaicans Have a Sense of Humor
Jamaicans are jovial and many have a huge sense of humor. They find joy in the smallest things. They are a very playful group as is seen in communities when people get together on weekends or holidays. They have no problem laughing at themselves or others. They accept that blunders are a reality and are very secure in themselves so laughing at their own mistakes is second nature.

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3. Jamaicans Have a Strong Sense of Hope and Faith
If there were any group that believed in the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” or about “the light at the end of the tunnel”, they would be Jamaicans. No matter how dark things may seem, a Jamaican will always see the good and hope for better. Be it the last dollar to pay a bill or buy food, our faith in God keeps us in believing that we will persevere. If we lost some to death, we consider them to be in a better place or to be at peace if the person was sick and hailing.

4. They Always Have a Great Story to Tell
Jamaicans always have some unbelievable experiences and stories. A very common saying on social media is “Jamaica is not a real place” or “never a dull moment on the island”. The love/hate relationship that our fellow countrymen have with Jamaica is usually related through humor. Where else can you hear “the bus can swim and cross it”? Where else do you hear of “roads being built overnight”?

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5. Finding The Humor in Any Situation
Jamaicans do not generally hold grudges for very long. They are more likely to joke about things, finding humor in every situation. You may have heard before that “Jamaican people take everything for a joke”. We tend to make light of situations and experiences soon after they occur.

6. Kindness
We are kind and friendly. Very helpful and always looking out for our neighbours.

7. Competitiveness
We are a competitive set of people but we also like to celebrate with music, dancing, and liquor. We are proud of the people who represent our little island and always take pride in celebrating their wins and cheering them on or encouraging them when they fail.

Tell us why you think Jamaicans are “chill”?

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