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7 Things You Do Not Know About the Model Behind Jamaica’s Most Iconic Poster

High on a collector’s list and one of the most iconic posters ever made in history is that of the Jamaica Tourist Board. Published in 1972, the poster depicts an exquisitely beautiful young girl emerging from the water in a wet t-shirt with the word “Jamaica” printed across the chest. The poster, that has also received travel awards over the past decades, has remained prominent among generations, with Grammy Award-winning pop star Alicia Keyes attempting to recreate the poster in 2015.

So who is this infamous beauty on the 1972 Jamaica Tourist Board poster? Meet Sintra Bronte:

1. Sintra is not a Jamaican; she is actually a Trinidadian, married to an International Shipping Investor.

2. Sintra becoming the poster girl happened out of sheer coincidence. The then 26-year old beauty was vacationing at the Kingston Pegasus Hotel with her husband on the day she was “discovered” by the Jamaica Tourist Board marketing group who was searching for a Jamaican-Chinese woman to add to their marketing campaign in a bid to attract Asian tourists to the Island.

3. Then Tourism Director, Anthony Abrahams, was skeptical about using Sintra as the poster girl until he saw the first photograph of her.

4. For a few years following the explosive demand for the poster, Sintra lived in Jamaica, working in the Special Projects Division of the JTB in Montego Bay.

5. Sintra’s entrepreneurial focus was always around Tourism, Shipping, and Hospitality. After living in Jamaica for some time, she went back to Trinidad to run a hotel and a travel company that offered chartered private jets from Tobago to Venezuela and the Grenadines.

6. Following the campaign she was approached to do modeling and acting, which she dabbled in briefly before deciding it was not for her.

7. Fun Fact: Fresh fruits and vegetables were always a part of her home life; at some point, she reared goats and chickens.

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