7 Things that set Jamaican Mothers off

The little girl was about 10 years old and seemed to be listening intently as her mother spoke to her. The little girl “snapped” something back at her mother with an attitude. The 10 year old gave the wrong response to her Jamaican mother.  She did one of the things that set off Jamaican mothers, “back chat”.   Here are 7 other  things  that set Jamaican Mothers off.

1. Kimbo

Kimbo ,which is when you have an attitude and place your knuckles on your waist

2. Kiss teet/Suck Teet

“Kiss teet” or “sucking your teet”(Hissing your teeth) when your mother talks you.

3. Cut Eye

Rolling or “cutting” your eyes when your Jamaican mother talks to you. That is the uli

4. Calling her “She”

Saying  “she” to your mother  in a conversation. She must be addressed as “mummy” or “mom” but never “She” .

5. Throwing away or wasting food

Throwing away or wasting food.  This is probably universal to all mothers. The lecture on starving children usually follows.

6. Big People Argument – Sex

Talking about sex before you are over 30 years old…lol. Sex is for “big people” and no matter how old you are you never talk about sex (or even mention the word) around your Jamaican mother.

7. Breaking An Item

Breaking some meaningless item that she received from “farrin” (overseas) or a friend. The idea that it comes from “farrin” makes the item very valuable.

Are we missing anything? Be sure to add other “things that set Jamaican mothers off”  in the comments below.

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Delano George Bell