7 Ways Ricky Is Blessing The Nation

27- Year- Old Ricardo Lorenza Gordon (stage name Ricky Blessing) of Kitson Town, St. Catherine got saved when he was only seven years old, primarily influenced by his Christian upbringing.

Being a Christian at that age proved to be challenging because he didn’t really understand the true meaning of living for Christ. However, as he grew in church he learnt more and more about Jesus and His plan for mankind.

Ricky Blessing

Ricky Blessing realised that music was an avenue to reach the lost and down-trodden.

Now let’s look at how Ricky Blessing uses his music to change lives.

How did you come up with the name “Ricky Blessing”?
The name Ricky Blessing come up by talking about gospel music one day with a friend of mine. The conversation came up about some of the popular gospel artist names and the meaning of their names. So my friend said I can give myself the name Ricky Blessing, which everyone know me as Ricky and Blessings at the end, so where ever I go or where ever my music play people will easily recognize me. I believe the name Ricky comes with a blessing to bind up broken heart, set the captive free, and encourage.

What makes your songs different from others?
The difference with my songs is that all of my songs are written though the inspiration of Jesus’ work in my life and my testimony of the victory I get through the most difficult and challenging times of my life. All of my songs are written to save souls, bind up broken hear, and encourage anyone in a positive way.

What was your inspiration behind your #1 song ‘Nah Fear Nuh Enemy’?
The inspiration for writing my first (song) “Nah fear nuh enemy “came while going through one of the hardest times of my life. I was faced with numerous attacks from the enemy. This song is a reminder to Christians that no matter the situation in life, as long as you have faith and trust in the lord, we can overcome our difficulties. This was followed shortly by ‘Jesus a di saviour’. This song is a tower of strength to me whenever I need encouragement. One of my main objectives is to become a minister of the Lord and a role model to people, especially the youths.

How would you describe your journey in the music industry?
Well since I’ve been doing music the journey has been very challenging, because it’s not easy doing music as a young artiste and not getting the support you need. It’s a tough journey however the Lord always make a way.

What is your view on secular music?
Well my view on secular music is that through some of the songs people are receiving so many bad messages and it has an influence on the listeners; however I come with a positive message to each and every one, because positive music can change that and make a difference.

How do you think you can impact the society?
I think I can impact the society through the positive message that is coming from my songs. So much wrong doing and negative music is robbing children of their future. That’s why I looked up to artistes like George Banton and Glen Graham who are singing the gospel in a positive way. Hence, I think with a positive message coming my music that will help to bring a change to society.

What is your advice to youths going through hard times?
My encouragement to the youths who are going through hard times is to let them know that dreams were made to be realized; however, in those dreams we need to have a plan, in order to accomplish our true purpose in life. A quitter never wins, and youths are too strong to give up.

Thanks for the words of encouragement Ricky Blessing and for sharing your story. Wow! I feel blessed.

Ricky Blessing is among the young entertainers to perform on the Youth Stars stage in February 2016, only heard on the best community radio station in Kingston, ROOTS 96.1FM

But while you wait on his performance, listen to his inspirational song- Rich Man’s View.

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