9 Rules for People Who Have or Want a Jamaican Friend

9 Rules for People Who Have or Want a Jamaican Friend

Today’s world is getting more and more diverse. We get to discover various cultures, meet people who come from different parts of the world and work together to make the world an even better place to live. So it happens, in this mix of cultures and nationalities, you get to make Jamaican friend(s). Jamaicans are lively, fun-loving and active people who really like to party. And just like there are rules for people to follow in order to not offend their friend of a particular nationality, there are similar rules for people to follow if they have a Jamaican friend. So, to educate our readers about such rules, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “9 Rules for People Who Have or Want a Jamaican Friend”.

  1. Do Not Assume Us All Smoke Weed: Smoking weed or pot is absolutely a choice for anyone who wants to do so. Being Jamaican does not mean we all smoke weed.
  2. Do Not Assume We All Know Bob Marley or Usain Bolt: Yes, both Bob Marley and Usain Bolt are our national heroes but expecting everyone to know them can be purely stupid.
  3. Do Not Use the Words “Yeah Mon” Around Us: No one likes being mocked for their accent. So be aware that using the words “Yeah Mon” offends us.
  4. Never Serve Us Bland Food, it must Be Seasoned: That’s right! We like seasoned food and a variety of spices go into the Jamaican food.
  5. Never Insult Jamaica or any Jamaican: It is very obvious and understandable. No one likes insults towards their country or nationality.
  6. Ask Us about Our Dreadlocks or How to Grow Them: Just like you cannot assume that all of us Jamaicans grow dreadlocks, you also cannot assume that we all know how to grow them.
  7. Do Not Assume We All Love Reggae Music: Reggae music might seem a part of Jamaican culture to the international community but it does not mean that we all love it.
  8. Do Not Assume We Are Rastafarians: Christianity in Jamaica comes in all its sects such as Protestants, Roman Catholics, Baptist, and Anglican among many others. So do not assume we are all Rastafarians.
  9. Do Not Assume We Can Not Speak English: English is the official language of Jamaica so it is stupid to assume we cannot speak English.

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