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A Branding Row or Ego Trip for pawns?

A disappointing incident was reported as the “Branding Row” dated August 19, by another mediahouse. Tivoli Gardens football team players failed to show against Waterhouse in the sport of the football game for the championship cup.


Permit me to seize this opportunity to share some concerns, questioning the ethics of the game, and relevant leaders who should inevitably be exemplary to tomorrow’s leaders – today’s football players. I am indeed concerned over the culture of my fellow Jamaicans in dealing with disputes, especially where the older involve the younger as pawns. The apparent branding of these youngsters is another point of concern.


It appears that Edward Seaga, once again and now bringing the Digicel group along has been caught up in a game of their own, other than the football sport. That being a game won by the most pockets being filled, where egos are massaged or kicked, on rules of emotions. 


Disallowing boys to just play ball and develop with wisdom simply because of a row as to whose brand is to be seen is absurd. It is appalling to read that Tivoli players by the printed account failed to turn up owing to a decision by leaders, based on the failure to allow the promotion of Digicel material being allowed versus that of Claro being in issue. To say the least it is disappointing.


In my opinion the report highlights their (Seaga and a blind-led Digicel) failing to realize that sponsorship of gears and location does not give overriding authority to make demands esp where it is out-of-contract. The very conditions as outlined in the printed article confirms Claro/KSAFA as the ultimate authority, as the sponsors of the league in entirety so in any event respect is far overdue to the highest order.


This raises concerns in my mind that the priorities were not set straight, or actions would have been more responsible or seen to be executed in wisdom in the eyes of the public, rather than a public cass cass over who’s seen. Is this once again the iron hand of dictatorship that led to a stubborn and controlling Seaga being eventually ‘ousted’ from the JLP by annoyed members who were then also prevented from play by the rules. A different brand of politics then, a new brand of football now.


I wish to remind the leaders involved that the intention of the league is to foster good community relations, set exemplary traits, develop the minds, and further but by no means least create an avenue for our your persons, men especially to vent healthily.

I therefore wish to congratulate and encourage Claro team for their efforts to maintain goodwill and foster training beyond a physical nature. The rules are clear -may all leaders humbly without much fanfare seek only to encourage focus on the objectives at hand – for tomorrow’s leaders to recognize the value of teamwork, amicable negotiations,  and of course the main prize Championship through persistence and strategy.

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