A Father

A father knows when to be tough
And when to be kind
Knows to always show love
But never be blind

He knows how to treat daddy’s little girl
And to teach his little boy
How to be a man in this world

A father is a pillar of strength
Who walks through life with confident strides
But is not afraid to show his vulnerable side

A father helps with homework he may not
Even understand
Because just being there is doing the best he can.

He knows it takes a moment to be a father
But a lifetime to be a dad
It takes commitment, patience, and hanging
In there through the good times and the bad

He has wisdom, he has style
Can catch a lady’s eye with his devastating smile
But knows to never, ever disrespect
The mother of his child

And one day he may choke up
And not know what to do
When he hears a sweet voice say,
Thank you, dad. I love you.