Video – A Jamaican Living Overseas Warns Family & Friends in Jamaica “People in the USA are Not Banks and ATMs! “

How do you respond when family and friends from Jamaica ask you for money? What if they persist and think they are entitled to you sending them money. Do your friends and family think living in the USA is a “bed of roses”? Are you frustrated with their perception of your life in the USA? In a Facebook video titled “People in the USA are not banks and ATMS -Just a reminder to some of you in Jamaica.”, Ruth-Ann Brown, a Jamaican who lives overseas has a message for Jamaicans who think they are “entitled” to getting money from friend and family living in America. Watch the video and comment below:

People in the USA are not banks and ATM'S. Just a reminder to some of you in Jamaica.

Posted by Ruth-Ann Brown on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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