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On Casinos in Jamaica

Anything that can bring jobs to the Island is good. Personally, I do not gamble and when I spend money I like to see what I am getting, for what I paid out. However, I have been to Mohegan Sun, a casino in Connecticut. I go there to see great musical acts because they built a great stage and super complex to see live shows. This would be a plus if they would even do this there. Jobs for camera men to film all the shows. Jobs for sound techs to make it a great experience. Jobs for local musicians to entertain the people that stay there. They could have a variety of restaurants on the grounds, to create a lot of jobs for chefs, cooks, waiters, etc. Also, shops, too, for a lot of the local artisans, as well as the talented Jamaican crafters. I know that when I go to Montego Bay, I always try to catch at least two shows during the week at Coral Cliffs, a wonderful place to watch live entertainment. As I said, my wife and I do not gamble, but we coexist with all the slot machines in the building, which I think are wonderful for the people that do. They get to hear the music, too, while they gamble. Hopefully, the management of this facility to be built will realize that there are so many talented dancers, musicians and wonderful Jamaican people to run an establishment like this. It could really be a treasure. I want more things for the Jamaican people. We always try to buy paintings by local Jamaican artists, as well as wood carvings by some of the best in Negril, if not the world. Yes, I am prejudiced because I only go to Jamaica on holidays. That is where I love to vacation, and spend my money.

Now, if I could only figure out how to live there for the rest of my life I will be all set. Ideally, communities would have movie theatres, clubs for dancing and especially venues for musicians to perform. I would love to be able to present Island musicians with a place to perform. Weekly cash prizes for the bands, presentations for the winners and music promotion for all ages, Island wide, would be a wonderful thing for all the performers and listeners of music, no matter what style it is.

Music is an international language and will never disappear. The power to make someone happy or sad in a song, to listen and think and whistle and sing, is a wonderful feeling. Hopefully, the men and women involved in the building and running of the casino being proposed, will remember it is not just the $$$$ they will make. A casino is in business to make money, but it is what they can give back to the Island that is important. Hopefully, it will cement a long, good-standing relationship with the people and show them just what they can do to make the Island of Jamaica so much better!

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