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A’MERICA – Miss Lou Poem

Miss Lou

A’MERICA – The poem is from “Miss Lulu Sez” a newspaper column written by Miss Lou (Louise Bennett).  Many of  Miss Lou’s  poems can be found in her book  Aunty Roachy Seh

Every seckey got him jeggeh,
Every puppy got him flea.
An yuh no smady ef you no
Got family ovah sea!

“Uncle zacky sen’ a parcel”.
“Air mail cable come from sue”,
“Sammy boat pull out dis mawnin”,
Yuh no hear sey sarah flew?”

Everybody disa talk bout
Finga-printin an passport,
Finance-board? merican council,
Airways ticket, winta-coat!

Ah wanda is wat fault dem
Fine rid po li jamaica,
Meck everybody dah lif-up
An go a merica?

Be de time yuh sey “puss-pickney”
As yuh y’eye quint, as yuh yawn,
Yuh miss smady an baps yuh hear—
¬Is Merica dem gawn!

Some a go weh fe vacation
Some a go weh fe tun “high”
Some a go fe edication,
But de whole a dem a fly!

Me ask meself “warra matta?
Me ask meself “wa meck?”
Is tidal-wave or eart’quake, or
Is storm dem dah expeck?

Jane sey she meet so much ole frien
Wen she strole dung new york,
Dat she feel like is dung king street
Or luke lane she eah walk.

Dem might call me “falla fashin”,
But wah fe do me chile?
Ef yuh no falla fashin, yuh
Wi never eena style.

Sso me dah go falla fashin,
Me dah lif-up an go weh,
Any time unoo no hear me mout.
Is merica me deh.


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