“Consider how we impact each other…” – A Conversation with Jamaican Filmmaker Teeqs

Teeqs is a Jamaican born filmmaker based in Kingston with a penchant for finding the extraordinary within the ordinary. Her goal is create projects that allow Jamaicans to see themselves as the dynamic and diverse individuals that they are.

Tell us about your background and how did you get started in filmmaking?
I wanted to study filmmaking but didn’t have the money so in lieu of that I did journalism at The Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC). Somewhere in between then and now I worked as an intern for a local music video station and then slowly made my way into creating content.

What is the inspiration behind your new web comedy series ‘Losing Patience’?
The concept was mostly born out of frustration (specifically with the people of Kingston) and wanting to say something about that frustration. Though I love it, Kingston is still the sort of city that can be quite an emotional challenge and I thought the best way to address these feelings would be putting them in script form.

What were some of the other reasons you wanted to focus on the true Jamaican experience in this web series?
I had to pause before answering this because I think the Jamaican experience varies. To me, there are so many different ways to be Jamaican and all of them are equally authentic/valid. This show just happens to capture one experience that people don’t see very often and that in and of itself was a big reason why we did this project. The idea of disrupting that single narrative and expanding the understanding of what being Jamaican is/can be.

When you were writing the series were you thinking this of it being a comedy or just how funny the real life situations are?
Credit for comedy is most likely due to the situations themselves. I don’t really understand writing comedy but I can definitely give you everyday awkward.

Is this your first film/web series? (if yes please tell us about the others)
It is my very first web series.

What was your biggest challenge making this web series?
In a broad sense, being financially challenged because we didn’t have much funding but in a smaller, more personal sense: myself. Simply trusting my instincts and ability to get this done. I’m an extreme introvert working within a very extroverted industry but what I’ve learned is that if you take enough deep breaths you can still get things done.

What do you want the audiences to say or think after watching your films?
We’d like them to enjoy the episodes more than anything else. As far as thoughts, maybe consider how we impact each other in very small but significant ways everyday. I’d also like women, specifically Black women, to walk away knowing that it’s okay to get angry because these frustrations that you experience aren’t always ‘in your head’.

What is your next project?
Season 2 right now. I’m currently playing around with the most recent drafts of those scripts. Hopefully, I can finish before the year is out and we’ll be able to start pre-production soon.

What advice do you have for young filmmakers?
This is an excellent question that I probably shouldn’t be answering because I’m still so new to it all. Perhaps, always be open to learning? That’s incredibly valuable. Also find your supportive ecosystem (big up HeyFranHey!). Namely, the people who you trust and love, who will be honest when you need it and push you when you won’t push yourself.

Your favorite Jamaican food is…?
Fried bammy… but patty crust is also up there. No filling. Just sell me the crust and I’m solid.

Seven day, six night, all expense paid, my vacation destination is…
Anywhere with a nice, cool breeze and consistent, sensible water pressure.

Thanks for the interview any closing thoughts for visitors to Jamaicans.com
Please be kind to each other.

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