Jamaican Andre Ewers Sets Florida College and NCAA Track Record in 60 Meters

Jamaican Andre Ewers set 60 meter NCCA record

Jamaican Andre Ewers, who was competing for Florida State University (FSU) at the Larry Wieczorek Invitational on January 20, 2018, made an amazing debut performance by running the 60-meter dash in 6.52 seconds in the final, which is the No. 2 time in the world and the No.1 time in the NCAA. Ewers called his performance “a blessing” as he was only cleared for the competition two days before the meet, having transferred to FSU from Butler County College in Kansas. His pervious personal best time in the 60-meters was 6.63 seconds in the preliminaries on the way to the finals. His FSU teammates also turned in excellent times in the final, with Darryl Haraway taking second place with a time of 6.68, Darryl Gay taking third with 6.74, and Edward Clarke at fourth with his season best time of 6.77. Ewers finish puts him ahead of all but one of the top sprinters in FSU’s history, according to his coach Bob Braman, who went on to say “It’s scary to think of what his ceiling is.” Ewers was named the Track MVP for the meet after breaking the facility’s record. Ewers said he had been making more sacrifices than ever before in his training and “doing all the right things” by eating well, hydrating and stretching. He also said that while he was excited about his time in the final, he wasn’t satisfied and believes he can improve. “I didn’t come here to be average. I came here to be great. My mindset is to make history and to show up every time I step on the track” Taking to social media, Ewers said “When you ran the No. 2 60m dash time in the world they give you trophies! @TrackkBoss,”

Andre Ewers, moved to the United States from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica in 2007 at age 12.

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