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Anson Soverall Takes Soca On a Forward Movement Music Ride

Trinidad and Tobago-based hit producer Anson Soverall injects fuel into the global soca music scene with a slew of recent smash releases bound to satisfy carnival-lovers year round. Inking an exclusive worldwide digital distribution deal with FOX FUSE, Soverall’s catalog is now available to the international audience for very the first time. Based in Santa Rosa Heights in Arima, Trinidad, Soverall has been honing his music production skills for over 14 years and has been professionally producing for seven years now, under the Forward Movement Music Group (FMMG) umbrella.

Soverall’s innovative style, multi-genre production and songwriting abilities combine for signature fusion sounds and unparalleled melodies. His genre-bending compositions include everything from soca to EDM, hip-hop, pop, R&B, trap and Afrobeat. “Music is the language I speak, however, no translator is required,” states Soverall.

Those fusion sounds are heard on his eclectic and growing catalog, which include compilation albums such as Main Event Riddim (featuring KES, Mr. Killa, Mr. Renzo, Saga Boyz and M1), Moonwalk Riddim (featuring Preedy and Nebula868), Feel Good Riddim (featuring Swappi, Devon Matthews and Preedy), and Party Gen Riddim (featuring Rome and Dillie), all of which are now available for sale worldwide, from FOX FUSE.

Soverall also churned out numerous hit tracks for the Trinidad Carnival season, including “Away” by Preedy, “Sweat” by Swappi, “We Pumpin’” by Shurwayne Winchester, “Oh Na Na” by Orlando Octave, “Birdz Man” by Nebula868, “Mash It Down” by J. Angel, “Ruff It Up” by Shradah and “Drop Dat” by Mr. Renzo, just to name a few that are also now available for sale worldwide from FOX FUSE.

With his fingers on the pulse of soca music and eyes on the complex demands of the global musical audience, Soverall crafts tunes that are bound to find a home both near and far. With many more new releases lined up to land on play lists all year long, Soverall is definitely taking the soca music industry and its fans along for his forward movement music ride.

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