"A Poem to Jamaica"

My mind is always in Jamaica
it’s where my heart wants to be.

For Jamaica holds a special place
just waiting there for me.

There’s a sense of freedom
that I just can’t explain.

I feel it when my mind is true
and she won’t leave my brain.

It has to do with island life
and the beautiful turquoise sea.

But more than that I know I’ll find
the people there for me.

I know it’s true of what they say
I see it in their smiles.

All who come and dare to stay
can be Jamaican for a while.

I’d like to be counted among the few
who dare to live a dream.

And find myself living there
just as it seems.

Then I’ll smile at myself
while sitting on the beach.

At just how easy life is
and not so out of reach.

Eight years ago today my husband and I married. We honeymooned in Ocho Rios Jamaica – BEAUTIFUL! Not one to sit behind hotel walls, we rented a jeep and went everywhere. I dream of Jamaica on a daily basis. I really have it bad

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