Jamaica A to Z Guide

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Sources: Jamaican consulate, Jamaica Tourist Board

There are dozens of direct flights to Kingston and Montego Bay from the Caribbean, major U.S cities and U.K

A L M Antillean Airlines 926-1762-4/929-7778-9
Air Canada (Canada) 1-800-776-3000
Air Jamaica 922-4661
Avancia Sam (Colombian) 979-9982/3
BWIA (Caribbean) 929-3770
British Airways 0345 222111
Cayman Airways Ltd. (876) 926-1762
Condor Airlines (German) (876) 952-0734
Continental Airlines (U.S. based) 1-800-231-0856
Copa (Panamanian) 1-800-FLY COPA
Cubana (Cuban) Tel: 978-3410
Northwest Airlines Inc Tel: 1-800-225-2525

Banking & Currency
Jamaica has its own currency but the US dollar can be used for commerce. Banking hours are 9:30 am – 2:00 p.m., Mon. through Thurs.; 9:00 am to 4:00 p,, Friday. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are widely accepted.

Beaches (partial listing)

Puerto Seco Beach Ocho Rios/Runaway Bay
Walter Fletcher Beach Montego Bay
Cornwall Beach Montego Bay
Doctor’s Cave Beach Montego Bay
Treasure Beach Mandeville/South Coast
Hellshire Beach Kingston/Spanish Town

Car Rental

Courtesy and Dress
Jamaicans are a gentle and friendly people. Swimwear and shorts are fine for the beach. Lightweight tropical clothing are fine for around the island.

Customs and Immigration
There are no visas necessary for U.S. citizens or Canadian citizens. Citizens of other countries should call their local Jamaican Embassy or JTB office to determine their entry requirements.

Much of Jamaica’s underwater is fringed with reefs that follow along the shoreline and etched into bays and inlets. These reefs attract teeming multitudes of large colorful fish not normally seen so close to the shores.

Driving, time and distance
All the rules as any part of the U.S. We drive on the left. Distance is measured in kilometers and gas is sold in liters

110 volts/50 cycles standard. Some hotels use 220 volts.


The best area to fish is along the Northeast of Jamaica. Fishing arrangements can be made at most major hotels and resorts in Jamaica.

Nearly every type of international cuisine can be found in the major resort area restaurants. As a part of your island exploration try a couple of genuine Jamaican Meals.

See marijuana below

Jamaica’s magnificent conditioned links have stood up to some of the world’s best golfers. Below is a list of golf courses.

Location Yardage Course Name & Phone Number
Kingston 6,844 Caymanas (876) 922-3386
Kingston 6196 Constant Spring (876) 924-1610
Mandeville 2865 Manchester 962-2403
Montego Bay 1,675 Grand Lido Braco Golf Course
(876) 954-0010
Montego Bay 7,119 Half Moon (876) 953-2560
Montego Bay 6,633 Ironshore (876) 953-2800
Montego Bay 6,221 Tryall (876) 956-5681
Montego Bay 6,598 Wyndham Rose Hall (876) 953-2650
Negril 6,333 Negril Hills (876) 957-4638
Ocho Rios 6,311 Sandals (876) 947-0119
Runaway Bay 6,870 Super Clubs (876) 973-2561



Horseback Riding

Ashton Great House & Hotel -Black River (876) 965- 2036
Barnett Estate Great House & Plantation -Montego Bay (876) 952- 2382
Rock Point Riding Stables -Montego Bay (876) 953- 2288
Country Western Riding Stables -Negril (876) 957- 3250
Chukka Cove Farm LTD -Ocho Rios (876) 972- 2506
Hooves Limited -Ocho Rios (876) 974- 6245


Location Yardage Phone Number
Kingston Andrews Memorial Hospital Day: (876) 926-7401
Night: (876) 926-7403
Kingston Bellevue Hospital (876) 926-1380
Kingston Bustamante Hospital for Children (876) 926-5721
Kingston Kingston Public Hospital (876) 922-0210
(876) 922-0227
Kingston Medical Associates Hospital (876) 926-1400
(876) 926-1401
Kingston National Chest Hospital (876) 927-7121
(876) 927-6421
Kingston Nuttall Memorial Hospital Day: (876) 926-2139
Day: (876) 926-8770
Night: (876) 929-1604
Kingston St. Joseph’s Hospital (876)928-4955
Kingston University Hospital (876) 927-1620
Mandeville Hargreaves Memorial Hospital (876) 962-2040
Mandeville Mandeville Hospital (876) 962-2067
Montego Bay Cornwall Regional Hospital (876) 952-5100
Montego Bay Doctor’s Hospital (876) 952-1616
Montego Bay Montego Bay Hope Medical
Diagnostic Center
(876) 953-3649
Negril Sav-La-Mar Hospital (876) 955-2533
Ocho Rios St. Ann’s Bay Hospital (876) 972-0150
Port Antonio Port Antonio Hospital (876) 993-2646
St. Thomas Princess Margaret Hospital (876) 982-2304



English is the official language; however, "patois", which is a dialect, is spoken widely throughout Jamaica.

There are Post Offices all over the island but the service is extremely slow.


Called "ganja" by most Jamaicans, marijuana is illegal and carries very stiff legal penalties for possession. U.S. citizens are subject to the laws of the country in which they are traveling. Criminal penalties for possession, use and dealing in illegal drugs, including marijuana, are strict. Substantial fines plus mandatory sentences of six to nine months are common, and longer prison sentences are often levied under Jamaican law. Departing visitors are thoroughly screened for drug possession.


Jamaicans love sports and just about any sort in the Caribbean, you can do it in Jamaica. A few of the sports available in the resort areas include camping, jogging, polo, para-sailing, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, tennis, waterfall climbing, water-skiing, biking, bird-watching (link), golf, diving (link), deep sea fishing, kayaking, scuba-diving, snorkeling, sunfish sailing, windsurfing.

Taxes and Tipping
Jamaica holdsof the few U.S. tax-deductibility status for meetings or conventions held due to a 1981 treaty between both countries. There is normally a 10-15% service charge in most hotels. A 10-15% tip is customary for restaurants.

Taxis are readily available throughout the island at tourist locations. Be careful of the charges because taxis in Jamaica are often not metered.

Area code (876). Jamaica has a modern reliable US style telephone service.

Time of the day
Eastern Standard Time however the island does not observe Daylight saving time (the first Sunday in April tothe last Sunday in October.

Jamaica enjoys year round Summery temperatures, averaging in the mid 80’s. The dry season is Jan – March and the wet season is March – October. Most days during the wet season have brief showers, but rarely is there a sunless day.