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Beres Hammond Top 20 Romantic Sexy Love Songs

Beres Hammond Top 20 Romantic Sexy Love Songs p

Lovers Rock is to Reggae what Soul love songs are to Rhythm and Blues. Both Lovers Rock and soul love songs narrate romantic love and sexual ecstasy. Beres Hammond is reggae music most popular lover’s rock troubadour.

His love songs are provocative and sensual, raw (rude boy), yet tantalizingly amorous with passion. His themes and lyrics ride the highway of venerable sexual and romantic emotions.

They have hearts pulsating, knees weak, couples fall in love and make babies. Single ladies become amorous with wet panties. His smoky honey –dipped sandpaper tenor, with its raw soul power, lyrically glides through the many moods and subtle nuances of lovemaking and romance. From rude boy rough rider songs like ‘360 Turn’ (mi Nah guh deal wid it ur way… Wid all di latin music a play, di dining and violin and lay lay …yu gonna have to mek 360 turn or else stay on your own… either yu like it or leave it… mi know enuff fi know when gal a swing mi), the sensuously stimulating ‘Come Back Home’, ‘When’ and ‘Is this a Sign.’ Listening to Beres sing love songs is an exercise in orgasmic rapture.

These tears jerkers of orgasmic romance were compiled from one-off singles and album cuts outside his popular hits catalog of songs with various producers. The producers range from the Beres’ own independent label, Harmony House Records, the Late Phillip “Fattis’ Burrell, Exterminator Records, Willie Lindo’s J& W Records, Sly & Robbie’s Taxi Label, Electra Records, Germaine Penthouse Records, Richard “Bello” Bell/Star trail Records and VP Records.

Hammonds one off R&B track with Chaka Khan ‘Baby Don’t You Go’ and its Reggae version” titled ‘Dog Nyam Yuh Supper’ is included. Choosing the 20 sexiest love songs from Beres Hammond’s songbook is an exciting task.

Listen to Beres ‘Cudjo’ Hammond’ romantic reggae love songs and you will feel symbiotic synergistic electrical vibration flowing.

1 Beres Hammond – Love Means Never to Say I’m Sorry/ LP Full Attention

2 Beres Hammond – When…J&W Records

3 Beres Hammond & Alaine – Love Sounds- Taxi Records

4 Beres Hammond – No Disturb Sign/LP (1994), Elektra In Control Electra Records

5 360 Turn” – Beres Hammond /Harmony House

6 Beres Hammond – Is This A Sign/ LP Love Affair/ Penthouse 1994

7 Beres Hammond- $1,000,000 Feeling

8 Come Back Home Beres

9 Beres Hammond – Let Me Help You Smile Again

10 Beres Hammond – Show It Off.

11 Beres Hammond – The Problem

12 The Wanda & Chaka Khan & Beres Hammond – Baby Don’t You Go (Dr. Packer Remix)

13 Beres Hammond & Chaka Khan Dog Nyam Yuh Supper” – Reggae

14 Beres Hammond – I Want To See You Tomorrow/ LP Full Attention

15 Beres Hammond -Sunshine and Rain

16 Beres Hammond & Marcia Griffiths- Live on/ LP Love Affair

17 Beres Hammond – Cry Cry Baby: Love Affair 1992

18 Beres Hammond -Double Trouble

19 Checking Out” – Beres Hammond

20 Beres Hammond -I Wish

Shaggy feat Beres Hammond – Fight This Feeling

Beres Hammond – Sweet Lies- Moment in Time/ LP VP records

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