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Big up to all Yardies, nuff respect!

I was born in England to Jamaican parents but moved to America in 1981 and only started visiting Jamaica in the past four years. I just returned from my third visit there and because of my love for this country I am now planning to build a home on my families land in Ochi Rios up in the country where I love it the most.

As soon as I land at the airport I feel like I am home. The people are friendly and loving and I am not just talking about my family or friends there. This last time I visited in February it took me six hours to reach from Kingston to Ochee. We made all the necessary stops, you know coconut jelly on the side of the street in the pick up trucks, several Appleton and coke stops at the local “lickle bars dem”!! Plus I am forced to eat as much cane as I can till my jaws ache because I surely can’t get it here in America.

I am always amused that almost every Jamaican native I meet wants to have their picture taken. I always use nuff film in Jamaica!! Not that I am complaining, to me there are no strangers, just friends I haven’t met yet! To visit Jamaica as a tourist and be restricted to the “RESORT LIFE” should be a crime. You have to see the real Jamaica to truly appreciate its beauty!! Yet I am told by my friends here in America that the travel agents themselves warn them against venturing out of the hotels!! Then once the tourists get to the resorts they are warned again how dangerous it is to enjoy Jamaica outside the “safe” walls of the resorts. These poor visitors end up with nothing but pictures of inside the resort, oh and of course the trip to Dunn’s River holding hands trying not to fall and bring the whole bunch wid dem!

I cannot go on enough about my love for Jamaica and long to be a resident there and work as a nurse in my favourite country. Next summer I am going bring my three pickney dem to visit for two weeks. They need to be exposed to their real heritage. I am certain they will develop the same love I have for this island! Big up to all Yardies, nuff respect!

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