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Black History

Markdown:Black and beautiful we are Loveable too.Articulate and CourageousKindhearted and true.History teaches us that we areInnovative, inventive and industrious in the fields ofScience, Sport and Technologies and all Other faculties.Remember always thatYou are young, gifted and black.Black History Month (Yea Mon!) thanks and praises to the vision of Dr. Carter Woodson and to the painters, craftsmen, sculptors, poets, musicians, teachers and parents and everyone else who have and are still contributing to the mystic of Black History.The world seemingly moves so fast today so that the past seems so far away. May 17th 1954 Brown had to sue the Board of Education and by January 20th 2010 Obama has spent a year already in the ‘White’ House.The moral of the facts are, educate us or better yet, if we take our education to task we can reach great heights.The study of Black History reveals that along our marches and struggles there were others not of our pigmentation but they too had that old Negro spirit, fighting for us and with us. Many were burned in effigy while others pay the ultimate price so let us not alienate them from the glory of our triumph.In heartache and pain we must revisit the pages of our history from Emmett Till to Martin Luther King Jnr, from Marcus Garvey to Malcolm X from Nat Turner to Nelson Mandela. Not a single page of our history should go unread.In our tributes least we forget, let us extol Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and the Cuban soldiers in aiding the liberation of Angola.To the late Peter Tosh and countless others a Para- military salute for keeping us musically harmonized to the motherland. As Peter puts it, ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you are a Blackman you are an African, don’t mine your complexion for you have the identity of an African.”Yea man! When I recall the triangular route of the infamous slave trade only the words of Bob Marley ‘save’ them, for we can only ‘forgive them through love and affection”. May this Black History Month remind us not to be vehicles of white domination. Zeen.May we continue to build on the legacy of Black Consciousness, liberation and achievements. (So Long Mi Comrades)

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