How does a minority when 2/3rd are the majority
Hold that majority captive?
How does a minority, when 2/3rds are the majority
Take away their willingness to ‘live’?
How does a minority, when 2/3rds are the majority
Disable a dominant class?
How do they switch their thinking
So that there is inter- black fighting
I don’t know who to ask?

How does a minority when 2/3rds are the majority
Take away our boys’ choice to decide?
Place subliminal messages in movies, provide drugs, guns and black ‘booties’
Making them complicit in their own genocide?
How can we talk to our brothers
Without sounding racist
To warn them about the trap that exists?
How do we turn things around
When things are so far gone
and protect them from the Blackitalist?

How do we tell our women not to stop having children
When the systems makes it so difficult to maintain them?
How can we tell them there is a ploy in place
To discredit our men and annihilate our race?
How can we continue our line of black men
When so many are institutionalised so that they cannot produce children?
Men are being psychologically destroyed by not being employed
So unable to build a foundation!

Some people call our men worthless
Some say they deserve it!
Some have no tolerance for victims of circumstance.
Some see it as men not trying hard enough to get through the system
But what I, Myrna Loy, calls it – is Blackitalism!

They have studied our creation
And know our tendency towards short-term gratification;
And so they tantalise and trivialise the impact!
Using materialistic play stations to thwart the imagination
And laugh off Blackitalism by mocking “what’s that?”

‘Blackitalism’ is a spin off of capitalism
Where the ‘privileged’ get fat off of the black person’s back.
It’s where a calculating few seek machinations to induce
Ways to physically incarcerate and mentally abuse,
So they can ‘reign supreme’ and foil Martin Luther’s ‘I had a dream’
So black boys and men rise up,
and create a mindset and a system that does not self-destruct!