Black, Male & Minority

I’m black and male
My struggle is great
For I am judged for just being
I am instantly considered a fiend
One to fear
One who does not care about me
About you
Most of the time that’s not true

I’m considered the least amongst the rest
I’m expected not to achieve my best
My inheritance is one of brokenness
I’m expected to die
Before my time
Never attaining the destiny that’s mine

I’m black and male
A fact I sometimes I hate
For I’m judged for just being free
To simply live and be
To drive a car
To walk the streets
And when I do,  I am feared
Simply for my “nappy” hair
If I try to voice my defense
I could find myself facing an offense
For I am black and male

My colleagues of another race
Do not endure what I face
To them is given every grace
To simply live and be
And walk the streets in peace
For they are not black and male

So what do I do
To society’s expectation do I become true
To fail, be imprisoned and without hope
Or to shatter and break out of that mold
And be the empowered me
Respectfully black and male
Excellently, unapologetically, regally me
No longer hating or being afraid
Of being black and male

Karen L. McFarlane © 2008/7/25