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The Blue Mountain Project

The Blue Mountain Project, a not for profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering indigenous populations of developing countries, offers volunteer vacation packages. Adventure seekers can travel to Hagley Gap, a small rural village in Jamaica’s beautiful Blue Mountains, where they will engage in an all-inclusive volunteer experience. The Service Learning Projects are designed to introduce local culture while utilizing the volunteer’s skills to improve community lifestyle. All profits are used to fund a health clinic, educational projects, and other ongoing projects.

Volunteers have the opportunity to explore life beyond Jamaica’s many vacation areas, to have a good time while helping people who are eager to learn and to improve their standards of living. They may stay a few days or a few weeks, although extended stay options are encouraged. Volunteers stay with host families allowing them to delve deeply into Jamaican culture and traditions. Itineraries are flexible and scheduled around meals, leisure time, and planned day trips.

In exchange for immersion into Jamaican culture, volunteers agree to participate in a Service Learning Project. Service Learning Projects are designed to improve the communities of Hagley Gap and Penlyne Castle. Projects vary with community demand and offer opportunities for volunteers to observe and experience ongoing development. Current projects include Community Center renovations, Summer Day Camps, economic development activities, and home visits to help the house-bound.

Total cost per day/night stay is $79.00 USD. Program costs include meals, lodging, and island transportation from arrival at the Kingston Airport.

Registration forms, photos and further information are accessible through the BMP website at: or email [email protected].

The local contact is Cathy Skoula at (715)690-5433, [email protected].

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